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First Impressions (Ignis x Reader)
You had just finished cleaning up the horrid mess left in a booth from the last lot of customers when four more walked through the door. The bell chimed at you, mockingly cheerful as they entered, almost drowned out by their incessant chatter.
You closed your eyes and sighed. You did not need this today.
These damn tourists. Longwythe was little more than a pit stop for them. They would breeze in, stay for a spell, then breeze right out again, leaving you to clean up the leavings. What did they care? It wasn’t like they would ever see you again. There was no need for courtesy or small talk in their eyes because any first impressions they made—good or bad—would surely be forgotten. They were partially right. You saw so many pass through that you forgot individual faces, but the bad experiences always left a lasting impression and fuelled a deep-seated animosity toward any and all outsiders that happened by your tiny little corner of the world.
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Pucca: WYIM Page 185 by LittleKidsin Pucca: WYIM Page 185 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 1,056 259
Dark LinkxReader- A Demon's Love part 25
Dark Link followed the Zora girl until he reached a hall. Zora's Hall. A hall that was beautiful and filled with water and water falls around it. The reflection of the crystal blue water danced on the walls, causing the place to gleam. He couldn't help but gawk at the sight. He had never seen something so beautiful.
"This way..."A soft gentle voice reached his ears. He looked over quickly, only to the find mysterious Zora girl beckoning him over with her finger. He blinked as he took in her voice. So soft, sweet and gentle yet beautiful. Like an obedient dog, he obeyed and followed her as she led him through the hall, up an inclined plane and into a room.
In the room sat a throne chair surrounded by water and sand.
"I have brought you the boy miss..."The Zora girl said softly, dropping to one knee and placing her left arm across her chest. Dark Link looked over at her with a raised brow.
'She had brought the boy?' What did that mean? Were they watching him? Expecting him?
"Good girl.."
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Ponyboy (Jean X Reader) Farm!AU
Jean was born into a broken family. The usual slut mom and alcoholic father, drug addict sibling. And like any other normal thirteen-year-old boy, he ran away. He did it gladly. But, where was a boy to go? Damn, he didn’t know, he just wanted to get as far away from that godforsaken home as possible. So he stayed from place to place. Hiding out in sheds, in an empty dumpster, behind an old building, and on occasions, in the woods.
One day, he was sitting on the curb of a crowded town. It was more of a market, with venders running to and fro with goods to trade or buy off each other. He stayed there to just watch the people pass by, it was better than anything else. Nothing really stuck out to him. Until he saw… you.
You seemed only ten years old. Wide, innocent eyes with your hands clasped in front of you, you approached the strange boy with muffin hair and golden eyes. “Hello,” you said softly, a small smile gracing your lips.
Jean scanned you up and down. A pl
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KnBxMale!Reader-Make it! (2)
KnBxMale!Reader-Make it! (2)
Your POV
As you were exiting the dango (you love DANGOS XD) shop, you checked the time to see you were almost late with meeting the others at Kaijou. “Riko is going to kill me!” Jumping onto your bike you rode down the street heading for the school dodging people and such along the way “(M/name)-kun! Over here!” facing towards the voice, you waved to the group seeing how they arrived themselves. “Good I got here just in time. Did everyone get some rest last night?” you ask earning nods from everyone but Kagami as his eyes were bloodshot red, “Geez man..” you muttered whacking the red head. “O-oi! What was that fo-Hey!” You watch and waited for the blond to catch his breath “I thought I come and get you since this place is big. Kurokocchi ever since you turned my invitation down, I’ve been crying into my pillow since then!” Kise whined, as Kagami kept yelling at him to show the way
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Be True [Male!Reader x Link] XIX
The day in town was fun, (Name) had to admit. Back home, Castle Town didn't quite have what the future's Windfall had, so it was a nice change of atmosphere. Well, it was a change that he noticed at least.
For the past few days he wasn't able to shake the upset feeling that plagued him. He was stuck daydreaming, looking forward to the day that he could go home and see his Link. Was the Knight okay? Was he fairing well with his absence? Did he move on...?
The last question often disrupted his thoughts. The mere notion of all of this hard work of cooperating with strangers, of roaming around the world, of moving on when his lover was technically dead... If it all ended up being for naught, and Link really did move on, (Name) would not know what to do with himself; he'd be lost, empty, broken.  
These are the thoughts that kept him up at night.
A cruel shiver ran down (Name)'s spine as he stared out the window of Anita's ship. Sullen, (e/c) eyes watched the dew on the w
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After the Scarf: Girl Talk
"Eren, what are you doing?"
The question was simple, yet the brunette struggled to find an answer. The Corporal waited in front of him impateintly, his arms crossed, an eyebrow raised, as if to say 'well?'.
Eren stood next to the door, one hand still planted near the doorknob. "Er, you see, corporal..." he whispered.
"Why are you whispering?' Rivaille asked him, rather loudly. 
"Shh!" Eren waved his free hand frantically. "They'll know!"
Rivaille's face scrunched in confusion. "What on earth are you talking about?"
Eren motioned to the door. "The girls, they are talking. I was just passing by and I heard the girls talking. So I kinda sorta started listening and-"
"You are spying on them?" Rivaille whispered in disbelief. "Honestly, Jeager, I can understand avoiding chores, but this?"
"...So then he said, very seriously, "Marry me." "
Rivaille stopped. Eren bent back down to the key-hole, pressing an eye to it, revealing a room full of girls, with ______ at the center of att
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smile for me by dreamxxdream smile for me :icondreamxxdream:dreamxxdream 1,044 88
You Lied Pt. 2 [Italy x Male!Reader]
You Lied...
Italy x Male!Reader
You lied to me (y_n) said that you wouldn't make anymore circles you are now! Lying in this bed, gasping for your last breath. Tears cascading down my face as I beg, and plead with God not to take to from me. To let allow your life here with me to continue for a little while longer because....because if I were to lose you then I'm not sure what I would do...
Oh Dear God....(y_n)....I'm going to lose him....(y_n) is going to die... Please! Oh please, please God don't take (y_n) away from me!
Squeezing (y_n) hands Feliciano looked down at the pain stricken face of (y_n) of the man he loves. Yet...he's smiling at him, wiping away his tears, trying to calm his Italian lover down. Pulling Feliciano down towards him, the brunet confused on why (y_n) suddenly did that only to understand the reason. (Y_n) had placed a petal soft kiss against his forehead, pulling away sending a small lopsided smile that you wear so well
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 88 21
Circles [Italy x Male!Reader]
Italy x Male!Reader
Watching as the circles formed with each breath, Feliciano couldn't help but want to cry. (Y_n)...(y_n) is killing himself, he's poisoning his lungs. The circles, they wont stop, and when Feliciano finally believes that they'll stop.... more circles are taking the place of the ones that were not made the day before, or when the circles were taken away from (y_n) he would just find some other way to form those poisoning circles.
Slowly, slowly (y_n) is dying. And he doesn't care, he doesn't care that he's going to leave Feliciano here all by himself! Why...why would (y_n) want to leave him here all alone? With nobody but a picture of the happier days to talk to, and the memories of the days before the circle when the two were as happy as could be? they entered High School...(y_n) changed...though...he would just look down at Feliciano with those knowing (e_c) orbs, full of hidden sadness and pain, but those em
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